Nalgene 'Everyday OTF Kids' paarse uil

Nalgene 'Everyday OTF Kids' paarse uil

Nalgene biedt nu de OTF techniek met één druk slot voor snel en gemakkelijk drinken in combinatie met de bewezen flessen voor kinderen.

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Nalgene now offers the OTF technique with single-pressure lock for quick and comfortable drinking in combination with the proven bottles for kids. Especially for kids: the bottles are not too big for having a portable weight when filled and have finger grips on both sides for good handling even for small hands. The lid can be 100 % sealed with the metal bracket and also keeps sparkling beverages in the bottle. For quickly refilling and perfectly cleaning just unscrew the entire lid. Made of copolyester, the lid is made of polypropylene.

For thirst on the trail. Whether on the bike, hiking or in a vehicle, thirst should be quenched quickly and effectively. Here are a few recommendations for your personal water carriage. (NB. As a rule we drink too little water - a minimum of 2 litres per day is recommended). We present a lot of Nalgene bottles here - best quality for your adventures...

Fabrikant: Nalgene

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nek Ø 5,3 cm, Ø 7 x 18,5 cm, 115 g
deksel Ø 8 cm