Petromax Cabix Briketts für Dutch Oven und BBQ

Petromax Cabix Briketts für Dutch Oven und BBQ

The charcoal with a constantly high calorific value in a smart design.

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The Cabix briquettes burn odour-neutral and almost smoke-free. They are eco-friendly, sustainable and CO2-neutral, for they are 100% made of rests from coconut milk production. The constantly high calorific value produces clean and even embers. The Cabix briquettes form few ashes and make it thus easier for you to clean your grill or Dutch oven.

Compact with square surface

Thanks to the square shape, the Petromax Cabix Briquettes offer a broad surface and are thus outstandingly suitable for cooking with a Dutch oven. Moreover, the smart design saves space for transport and storage.

Petromax recommends that you wait until the briquettes are completely incandescent before using them for grilling. After use, cold ashes can be used as fertilizer.

Dimension of each briquette (approx.): 5 x 5 x 2.5 cm

Fabrikant: Petromax