Nikwax TX-Direct 100 ml

Nikwax TX-Direct 100 ml

adds water repellency - for functional clothing (hard shells, soft shells, fleece) - maintains breathability


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The leading, easy to use , secure and powerful Einwaschimprägnierung for rain gear.
Impregnated permanently and refreshes the breathability - in the comfort of the washing machine .

Breathable, waterproof clothing is very fast by sweating in humid conditions and wet from the inside. If the outer material absorbs water , the clothes can lose up to 70% of your breathability. The Durable Water Resistant ( DWA) property of your jacket outer fabric must be preserved to ensure the wearing comfort. As soon as the effect wears off , this has to be renewed with Nikwax ® TX.Direct .
Your rainwear could absorb water , just because they are dirty. First try cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash ® . At relatively fresh dirt or recent completion of impregnation , the permanent water-repellent ( DWA) is revived capability simply by cleaning . Once the clothes were worn intense, you must add the DWA- protection with Nikwax TX.Direct ® Wash-In after cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash ® .
Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct ® is the market leader . It's easy and quick to use in the washing machine , and its high permanent water-repellent ( DWA) property forms during air drying. Application in the washing machine will ensure that the product to penetrate the clothing and thereby treated seams seals and cords as well as the fabric. In addition, the dry in the dryer is unnecessary. You save energy and protect sensitive , older clothing against heat . Nikwax Wash-In TX.Direct ® is specifically designed for breathable , waterproof clothing and optimized. It leaves a flexible, water -repellent layer on individual fibers so that moisture left by the evaporation and the breathability is obtained.

Fabrikant: NIKWAX