EuroSchirm 'teleScope handsfree' orange

EuroSchirm 'teleScope handsfree' orange

La forte du tunnel du vent: Parapluies puis maintenez quand il devient vraiment aux affaires.

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  • Numéro De Commande 109NÜT-1531
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Strength and stability developed in the Wind Tunnel. Umbrellas that can really take it when it matters - in wind and storm. High quality materials such as rip-stop nylon, carbon fibre and aluminium combined together to keep you dry. The smallest practicable or half a tent - whichever you want!

Super-class model: telescopic trekking umbrella that you don't have to carry by hand! The umbrella is easy to attach to the front of the backpack system (waist belt is required) and it is both straight and inclined (windwards) to wear. Both hands are free to e.g. walk with sticks, to read maps, to direct the dog or to lead the children. The umbrella handle can be adjusted in length by a two times telescopic adjustment system. With lightweight fiberglass frame and a razor-thin covering made of 100% polyester fabric with Teflon® treatment (registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Eberhard Göbel GmbH + Co) for the highest roll-off effect. Of course, the umbrella is also a 'normal' trekking umbrella. Comes complete with mounting clip and carrying pouch.

Fabricant: EuroSCHIRM

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Ouvrir Ø 109 cm, longueur 72-96 cm
Taille de l'emballage 48 cm
Poids 389 g