Savotta Sleeping Bag Military

Savotta Sleeping Bag Military

4-Seasons model for military use.

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  • Numéro De Commande PL-63-SYN-5737
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Savotta Military -sleeping bag is designed for a military use, which means that this model can handle all the extreme conditions, in which a soldier has to survive. This sleeping bag endures harsh temperatures all the way to -25°C. For a hiker this means that, if you go hiking with this sleeping bag you certainly have the best protection against cold. Sleeping bag’s protective bag has compression straps for adjusting the size of the bag.

Fabricant: Savotta

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Size: ca. 225 x 90 x 65 cm
Weight: ca. 2.6 kg
Comfort area: +15 … -25 °C
Outer fabric and lining: 300T Ripstop nylon fabric
Filling: 400 g/m² silicon-treated hollo-fiber
Protective bag size: 50x30x24cm