Primus Camping Lantern, Pocket

Primus Camping Lantern, Pocket

LED laterns for every situation.

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  • Order Number PL-101-SON-1920
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LED lanterns for every situation - cosy dining, map reading or cooking. The LED is powered by 3 D Batteries or 4 AA (Pocket) and provide up to 180 hr. illumination (Pocket up to 50 hr.) In the strongest mode up to 50 hr. (Pocket up to 12 hr.). Three switching phases (Mini only one) care for the appropriate brightness and, on the larger model, there is a blinking mode in case of emergency. The integrated reflector distributes the light evenly. A rubberised base guarantees a secure stance. Water resistant with a folding suspension handle.

Manufacturer: Primus

  • Technical Details

12 to 50 hours burn time
Ø 4.7 x 14.5 cm, 93 g (m. Batt.)
4 x AA batteries (AA, included)