Nalgene 'Everyday Oasis' - 1 L, grey

Nalgene 'Everyday Oasis' - 1 L, grey

The new BPA free `Tritan plastic TM' in classic style Modelled on the old military water bottle.

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The new, BPA free `Tritan TM´ plastic in classic style, modelled on the old military water bottle. Lightweight and strong. Easily carried with its kidney design and is truly leak proof. Can be fitted easily to a day pack or rucksack by a karabiner.

For thirst on the trail. Whether on the bike, hiking or in a vehicle, thirst should be quenched quickly and effectively. Here are a few recommendations for your personal water carriage. (NB. As a rule we drink too little water - a minimum of 2 litres per day is recommended). We present a lot of Nalgene bottles here - best quality for your adventures...

Manufacturer: Nalgene

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22 x 13 x 8 cm, neck Ø 2,9 cm, 135 g

BPA Free