Kelly Kettle Camping Cup Set, 300 & 500 ml

Kelly Kettle Camping Cup Set, 300 & 500 ml

2 x High quality single walled Camping Cups (350 & 500ml)

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  • Order Number PL-90-BEC-4166
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Features Include: Silicone coated foldable handles for comfort / CooLip™ feature to protect lips from burning / measurements on inside of cup / Polished internally for easy cleaning / Dishwasher safe.

Packing: Small cup packs inside large cup - and both pack inside the large Cook Pot, which packs inside our new Hobo Stove™ which packs inside the fire base of the 'Base Camp or 'Scout' Kettles.

Please note: The 350ml Cup will fit inside the smaller 'Trekker' Cook set, but the larger 500ml cup is too large to fit.

Made from Stainless Steel. Weight 0.258kg / 9.1oz (combined)


Manufacturer: Kelly Kettle

  • Technical Details

Small Cup 91mm
Large Cup 104mm

Item Weight
Small Cup 116g
Large Cup 142g

Product Capacity
350ml & 500ml