Light-my-Fire 'Titan Spork'

Light-my-Fire 'Titan Spork'

Super combination - Spork and titanium.


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  • Order Number PL-87-BES-2006
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Super combination - Spork and titanium. That universally well known eating iron now in extremely lightweight and virtually indestructible titanium, offering in one, spoon fork and a small cutting edge. Naturally, strong, light, machine washable and heat resistant. Non rusting and non magnetic.

Ever since man decided some years ago to stop eating with his fingers, a mutiplicity of instruments have been developed around the world to enable him to bring food up to his mouth. For the outdoor species, be it the camping tribe, hiking or biking tribes we´ve selected a range of the more normal methods. The choice between weight, size, material, arrangement and price is left up to you - or carry on with the fingers!

Manufacturer: Light-my-Fire

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17 cm, 17 g