Trangia 25-9 UL/HA

Trangia 25-9 UL/HA

An excellent family-cooker with large pots.

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  • Order Number PL-82-SPI-2539
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The Trangia 25-9 UL / HA is a larger cooker that is suitable for groups of about 3-4 people. An excellent family-cooker with large pots and a larger, coated frying pan.
With folded brackets can be used with larger pots from the Trangia range of facilities.

Manufacturer: Trangia

  • Technical Details

Pack size 22 x 10.5 cm
Weight: 865 g
Delivery: 2 cups (1.75 L and 1.5 L), a frying pan 22 cm), burners, forceps and straps

Pots made of hard-anodized aluminum
Non-stick frying pan hard anodized aluminum
Aluminum wind screen