MSR SuperFly Stove W/Auto

MSR SuperFly Stove W/Auto

Perfect product for globetrotters.

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  • Order Number PL-81-GAS-2017
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The SuperFly canister stove’s adaptable, Multi-Mount™ interface makes it our most versatile canister stove when traveling internationally. It’s compatible with most self-sealing fuel canisters and sturdy pot supports add stability for larger pots. A broad flame delivers even heating and the piezo auto-ignition makes it simple to start.

Manufacturer: MSR

  • Technical Details

Pack size: 12 x 15.5 cm
Weight: 144 g

Universal: Multi-Mount connection is domestic and foreign to most self-sealing cartridges compatible.
Fast: Boils 1 liter of water in less than 3 minutes to cook.
Full flame control: With gloves easy to operate controls allow precise flame adjustment from simmering to boiling.
Flame width: Interspersed the heat and thus provides a better cooking performance.