MSR Micro Rocket Stove

MSR Micro Rocket Stove

The smallest an lightest stove by MSR.

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  • Order Number PL-81-GAS-1999
  • Description

If you have taken it into his head to reduce the carrying weight to the absolute minimum, this is the stove for you. The new Micro Rocket stove is not only our smallest and lightest stove, but also offers the optimum combination of weight, size, performance and price of all stove this category. It fits easily into a MSR Isobecher and weighs just 73 grams and is extremely stable. The Micro Rocket is also made to preserve maximum efficiency and power to prevent the troublesome weight saved is not lost by the carrying of more fuel.

Manufacturer: MSR

  • Technical Details

Ultra Lightweight: Weighs only 73 grams.
Robust: Durable pot supports provide excellent stability.
Compact: The collapsible stand has such a low packing volume to fit in a MSR-Isobecher.
Windproof: Wind Clip ™ windscreen and position burner bundle a strong, solid flame.
Fast: Boils 1 liter of water in just 3.5 minutes to boil.
Piezoelectric ignition: Due to the secure element in the fuel collection tube is provided for reliable ignition.
Includes: hardshell case and piezoelectric igniter.