Tatonka First Aid Basic

Tatonka First Aid Basic

Basic first-aid equipment.

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  • Order Number PL-3037-ERS-3473
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Basic first-aid equipment. This kit contains daytrip basic equipment for one person –perfectly tailored to the purpose and clearly stored away. After all, the Outdoorschule Süd has not only passed on its expertise to the "big first-aiders".

Awaiting you in the great outdoors are adventures – but also dangers // When planning your tour, safety should be the number one priority. Having the right first-aid equipment is so important because in extreme cases it can be decisive in saving the health and life of a fellow tour participant.

Manufacturer: Tatonka

  • Technical Details

- 1 x 7,2 x 2,5 cm plaster trip
- 5 x small bandage pack, non-adhesive compress
- 1 x Zeckenzange
- 1 x Roll of adhesive plaster 5 m x 2.5 cm
- 2 x Wundpflaster 10 x 6 cm elastic