Nikwax Wool Wash, 300ml

Nikwax Wool Wash, 300ml

Gently cleanses and wool underwear - Supports the natural wicking properties of wool

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A deodorizing cleaners and maintenance products, wool baselayer and moisture wicking clothing that is worn directly on the skin.
Wash ™ wool purified , deodorized , prevents the formation of body odor , accelerates the drying and to improve the cooling effect base coats of wool effective.

Wool base layers are designed to be worn directly on the skin and provide user comfort by maintaining the body temperature and regulation of the humidity . The fabrics used have high moisture ( the moisture is distributed over a large area ) , are quick drying and breathable. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain these properties in the care of wool -based layers.
It is recommended to wash woolen garments in a mild liquid detergent and washing powder to avoid or enzyme-containing organic detergent . The use of conventional household detergent or fabric softener can damage the moisture wicking properties so that the fabric retain moisture. This results in reduced moisture transport capability and slower drying of the substance , whereby the comfort of the user is restricted. In addition, standard fabric softener and conditioner can cause lint after several washes.
After using your base layer several times , wash it with Nikwax Wool Wash ™ , to make them fresh and soft , remove odors and improve the drying and cooling properties . Wear them Nikwax Wool Wash ™ on cars with synthetic base layers , socks , workout gear and travel clothing to ensure that they remain in top form .

Manufacturer: NIKWAX