Nikwax BaseFresh 300 ml

Nikwax BaseFresh 300 ml

accelerates drying - improves the moisture removal - removes and prevents odors

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Deodorising treatments for functional underwear and moisture wicking clothing that is worn directly on the skin.
Fresh ® deodorized base , preventing the formation of body odor , accelerates the drying and to improve the cooling efficiency all the base layers effectively .

Base layers are designed to be worn directly on the skin and provide user comfort by maintaining the body temperature and regulation of the humidity . The fabrics used have high moisture ( the moisture is distributed over a large area ) , are quick drying and breathable. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these properties for the maintenance of the base layers.
Nikwax Base Fresh ® freshens your base layers by deodorizing back on and maintains the freshness by preventing the formation of odors in use.
Nikwax Base Fresh ® strengthens and invigorates the moisture transport properties of base layers and everyday clothing new and increased breathability. The fabric can then distribute the sweat, dry quickly and provides you with all conditions comfort.
Fabrics treated with Nikwax Base Fresh ® are resistant to stains and everyday dirt. Occurring contamination of substances with Nikwax Base Fresh ® easier to remove .
Thanks Nikwax Base Fresh ® base layers do not need to be washed separately , but can be washed in a normal wash and conventional detergents .
Nikwax Base Fresh ® allows the use of aggressive detergents and cleaners to remove stubborn stains, such as chain oil without compromising the performance of the base layers .
Nikwax makes every effort to keep the influence of Nikwax products as low as possible on the environment and on you as a customer . All Nikwax care products are water -based, non- flammable, hazardous, biodegradable , environmentally friendly and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) .

Manufacturer: NIKWAX