Ortlieb T-Pack Toilet Paper Holder orange-mango

Ortlieb T-Pack Toilet Paper Holder orange-mango

100% waterproof outdoor toilet paper bag and holder with roll off and suspension functions

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  • Order Number PL-109-NUE-2397
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A must for all those who love spending their time in the outdoors. The roll closure allows
fast and easy access, and the toilet paper roll is suspended and protected from rain underneath the bag, and cannot get soaked or wet. The adjustable strap with buckle allows suspension to branches, fences or rock projections within reach. The rolls can be exchanged
quickly by means of the internal mounting strap with fast release buckle which is adjustable
in length.
Suitable for rolls of two-layered paper.
Comes including one roll of toilet paper.

Manufacturer: Ortlieb

  • Technical Details

Material: PS 21 / PS 21R
Volume: 1.3 L
Weight: 220 g