Edgeware Edge Grip™ sharpener

Edgeware Edge Grip™ sharpener

Le Grip Edge est un taille-crayon en deux étapes.

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  • Order Number PL-3091-MES-3105
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The Edge Grip Two-stage sharpener is lightweight, portable and can be easily applied to any smooth surface or edge of a table. Carbide insert and crossed mounted Ceramic grinding inserts offer with the slip angle fixed predetermined high operating safety and deliver even without prior experience consistently good results. While the coarser carbide insert for the rapid restoration of cutting geometry provide the fine ceramic inserts for the subsequent fine or deduction for the fast "refresh" the sharpness between are responsible. This combination allows you to give each blade its maximum sharpness and also to keep. The ergonomically shaped sharpener has non-slip rubber feet and a rubberized handle for safe and comfortable operation. The V-shaped base also allows the sharpening of an edge of the table.

Manufacturer: Kitchen IQ

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Dimensions                                                                                                                      Length: 9.5 cm                                                                                                            Depth: 5 cm                                                                                                              Height: 4.5 cm