Victorinox EvoGrip 10, 85mm, Red/black

Victorinox EvoGrip 10, 85mm, Red/black

EvoGrip knifes have eronomic, rubberized handles.

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  • Order Number PL-107-MUL-2469
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The series EvoGrip stands for Swiss Army knife with ergonomic handles that are particularly safe by rubberized surfaces in hand.
The model provides EvoGrip 10 9 stainless tools, including nail file, can opener, corkscrew, reamer and a classic all-purpose blade.

Manufacturer: Victorinox

  • Technical Details

Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.8 x 1.8 cm
Weight: 59 g

Nail file with nail cleaner
Can opener with small screwdriver 3 mm
Cap lifter with screwdriver, lockable
Wire Strippers
Ring, stainless steel