Filmam Canivete com Garfo pocket knife

Filmam Canivete com Garfo pocket knife

A handy picnic knife

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  • Order Number PL-105-TAS-3165
  • Description

As a handy picnic knife or stylish design for the hot dog stand: the Canivete com Garfo (pocket knife with fork and bottle opener) makes short work of any fried or curried sausage and freed immediately from each bottle crown caps. Stainless steel blade without locking (Friction Folder). Total (With open blade) 14 cm. Blade 5,8 cm. Thickness 1,3 mm.  Weight 32 g.

Manufacturer: MAM Portugal

  • Technical Details

Overall length: 14,0 cm
Blade length: 5,8 cm
Weight: 32 g
Blade thickness: 1,3 mm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Closure: Friction Folder