Böker Minos pocket knife

Böker Minos pocket knife

A new dimension of titanium frame lock enrich our Shop.

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  • Order Number PL-105-TAS-2437
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By Jens Ansø designed for maximum stability even convinced the Minos with solid, 4 mm thick titanium plates and a 5 mm thick blade of N690. To underscore this massive construction clip, spacer and thumb button are also machined from solid titanium. In order to prevent any twist grip wirksamst, additional fittings have been integrated into the trays, eliminating any possible flaws effective. If you are looking for a stable pocket knife: here you've found it. The deep milled grooves give excellent grip that ensures safe working. The bulbous blade provides a lot of cutting line and, with her light hollow ground for excellent cutting properties. Whether outdoor, daily life, work or hunting - with Minos they are always prepared. The special blade finish blends beautifully with the anodized titanium handle and ensures the highly original appearance. Up to the challenge, the Minos is an uncompromising tool that lets you in any situation down. Total 18.9 cm. Blade 7,9 cm. Thickness 5 mm. Weight 185 g.

Manufacturer: Böker

  • Technical Details

Overall length: 18,9 cm
Blade length: 7,9 cm
Weight: 185 g
Blade thickness: 5,0 mm
Blade material: N690
Handle Material: Titanium
Designer: Jens Ansø
Closure: Frame Lock