Amazonas Tarp 'Jungle Tent Pro'

Amazonas Tarp 'Jungle Tent Pro'

The rain cover for almost every hammock.

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  • Order Number PL-75-ACC-6227
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The rain cover for almost every hammock. The 'Jungle Tent Pro' is harmonised to hammock dimensions and switches every hammock into a outdoor bed. The 'Jungle Tent' is hung-up at the anchoring points of the matt and then drawn down (pegs and ropes are included). The trapezoidal shape of the tarp lets circulate enough air but also protects against rain, sun and falling leaves. At the anchoring points are small rope bags are attached. Solid an versatile - also without hammock.

Manufacturer: Amazonas

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100 % polyester Ripstop 210T, PU coated, wc 3.000 mm
length 360 cm, each side trapeze 168 x 360 x 168 x 150 cm
packed 13 x 25 x 13 cm, 800 g