Nordisk DAC Tarp Pole 2.3 m

Nordisk DAC Tarp Pole 2.3 m

Perfect complement for tarps.

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  • Order Number PL-78-GUM-2635
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The DAC Tarp Poles of Nordisk are the perfect complement for tarps. Its high quality DAC aluminum has a wall thickness of 1.1 mm and a diameter of 16 mm. The rod has a length of 230 cm and can be disassembled for transport into 6 segments.

Manufacturer: Nordisk

  • Technical Details

Length: 230 cm
Diameter: 1.6 cm
Wall thickness: 1.1 mm
Pack size: 50 x 16 cm
Weight: X
Material: DAC, anodized aluminum
6 sections
Delivery: 2 pieces