Deuter Exosphere +2°, Left Zip, cobalt-steel

Deuter Exosphere +2°, Left Zip, cobalt-steel

Fantastic freedom of movement for comfortable sleeping.

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  • Order Number 63KUN-1005
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By elastic processed construction seams, the sleeping bag nestled on the sleeper. It is thus warms up quicker and still offers fantastic freedom of movement for comfortable sleeping.

Weight: 1200 g
Length: 220 cm
to Height: 200 cm
Shoulder Width: 73 cm
Footer: 45 cm
Pack Dimensions: ø 16 cm x 39 cm
Outer material: Deuter Dura Lite RS
Inner lining: Deuter Poly-Lite Soft
Filling: Deuter Thermo ProLoft®
Filling weight: 520 g

Manufacturer: Deuter

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Deuter Thermo ProLoft®
In a special thermal processes polyester fibers processed for the technical quality thermal insulation ProLoft® fleece. The ideal ratio of durability, weight and heat capacity is the opening of composite solid and hollow fibers safely. Their combination forms a fleece that such is both durable, easy to clean, compressible and provides powerful heat insulation at the lowest possible weight. The synthetic fibers also absorb very little moisture. Short drying time and excellent loft so efficient heat retention, even when wet are among its great advantages. Deuter Thermo ProLoft® is treated for a good Bausch ability with a thin layer of silicone.