Tatonka Lastenkraxe olive

Tatonka Lastenkraxe olive

Aluminum frame existing Lastenkraxe provides the necessary comfort for heavy luggage.

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  • Order Number PL-49-RUC-2524
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Combination of aluminium frame and V2 carrying system. The Lastenkraxe has a welded aluminium frame, and provides the necessary carrying comfort for heavy luggage. Suitable for a carrying load of up to 50 kg, it is extremely versatile. A 25-cm deep arm is the load area. The tubes of the main frame are 24 mm in diameter, those of the cross frame 20 mm. Stability is guaranteed by a total of four diagonal struts on the main frame. The one-piece reinforced hip strap and carrying straps are well padded to prevent pressure spots. Perfect stability ? even on uneven ground ? is guaranteed by a stand that also offers additional attachment options.

Manufacturer: Tatonka

  • Technical Details

Measurements: 78 x 35 x 28 cm
Weight: 2700 g
Carrying system 1: V2-System
Carrying system 2: Aluminiumrahmen
Fabric 1: 420 HD Nylon