Deuter Waldfuchs turquoise

Deuter Waldfuchs turquoise

Very fresh and very naughty to present our new 'Waldfüchse'!

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Very fresh and very naughty to present our new 'Waldfüchse'! The super sturdy Forest Kindergarten Backpacks (10 L), recommended by and developed in partnership with the National Association of forest and nature kindergartens in Bavaria, can of course still easy use and loaded with all the survival Important here: water bottle, snack, saw, waterproof pants and all found treasures.

Manufacturer: Deuter

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Weight: 370 g
Volume: 1o liters
Size 35/25/15 (H x W x D) cm
Material: Deuter Super Polytex

comfortable soft padded back and shoulder straps with Soft-Edge edges
removable foam mat for a warm bottom at snack-able, but additionally strengthened the backpack back
velcro pocket on the front with a large loop handle
velcro pocket for a saw or other utensils
each mesh side pocket holds a 0.5 liter bottle
RV Key Recovery Find expert and name tag inside
double Close the jacket brought under the lid
lid loops
"D-ring" at the front for attaching Trophies