Deuter Aircontact 60 + 10 SL granite-silver

Deuter Aircontact 60 + 10 SL granite-silver

Fabulous ladies backpack for trekking and mountaineering.

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  • Order Number 50TRE-978
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Fabulous, great ladies backpack for trekking and mountaineering relies on a compact fit and excellent ventilation. The flexible, tailored to the female anatomy hip fins guarantee full freedom of movement even in difficult terrain.


Front opening for quick access to more gelegenem Luggage
Energy saving comfort due to the complex movements anatomically shaped hip fins
precise load control due to compression straps on the fins
Pull-forward adjustment means that even with a heavy load is effortless to pull the hip fins and easy to adjust
Stable multi-chamber aluminum X-frame arranged transfers load to the hip belt
ergonomically shaped head molding and cover with compression straps position to give more head clearance
Stabiliser straps with two fixed points
Side compression straps
Zippered pocket on the hip fin for important, small companion
height-adjustable lid
lid pocket
Valuables pocket
two toolbars
Top lid
Stick and ice ax loops
separate bottom compartment
Bottom compartment compression straps
double bottom
detachable rain cover
side map pocket
SOS label
large side pockets
Hydration system compatible
Wet laundry compartment

Manufacturer: Deuter

  • Technical Details

Weight: 2690 g
Volume: 60 + 10 liter
Size 83/37/27 (H x W x D) cm
Material: Deuter-Duratex 330D Micro Rip Pro 6.6


Stabiliser straps allow optimal positioning of the backpack. By "Triglide" buckle, the position on the shoulder straps easy to move. Aircontact models above 50 + 10 SL also have two different fixing points, depending on the back length setting to obtain the optimum angle of the load adjusters.
Back cushion, in this direct body contact system, the padding with special breathable hollow chamber foam are made. By a pumping effect an exchange of air is brought about with every movement. The result: 15% less perspiration than with conventional trekking backpack. In all ACT Lite by the parallel arrangement of the pads additionally a ventilation duct.
The anatomically shaped hip fins are made from multiple layers. For heightened comfort on the inside of a soft foam with 3D Air mesh lining. The firm foam on the outside is modeled to the anatomic shape and transfers the load to the hips. Side compression straps on the fins regulate the load and increase stability. On the compact ACT Lite fins this bi-laminate construction on the synthesis of weight reduction and load transfer thanks to the additional synthetic reinforcement in between foam layers.
Vari Flex system, Aircontact models are equipped with the Vari Flex System, leaving the generous hip fins are mounted to move. Sovereign follow the Vari Flex hip fins complex movements. Difficult Wegpassagen can thus be overcome without losing your balance - this is important, especially at high loads.
The anatomic profiled X-frame offers a balance of torsional aluminum rails. Flexible yet sturdy carrying system goes with your body movements and transfers some of the load from the back to the hips.
Contoured shoulder straps with 3D Air mesh lining.
Vari-Quick system for easy adjustment to any back length.
Head molding gran advantage freedom of movement (Aircontact models above 50 + 10 SL).

SL Women's Fit System

Prevent double-sided, soft edge finishes (soft edge), smaller buckles and narrow tapered strap ends, the SL shoulder straps from chafing under the arms and eliminate pressure in the chest area. At the same time, the adjustment of the chest strap is optimized for women, it is important that the chest strap can be moved further to the above.
The women-specific SL backpacks is already at the back length: women have, on average, are not quite as long back as men. The support system of the SL models is thus slightly shorter than that of Deuter's standard rucksacks. The SL models are thus too, for male users with shorter backs. High relief straps ensure there that the cargo can be cheerful close pulled to the shoulder.
This conical form is achieved by the angled obliquely upwards starting point and the curving the SL waist belt wings.
Together with a narrower approach the fins, this allows seamless adjustment. In larger volume rucksacks the "pull-forward" -Hüftgurtsystem particularly women facilitates the fixing of the belt.
To conditionally prevent slipping of the carriers, because of the lower female shoulder width, they are closer together by a more acute angle approach.
A characteristic of the SL-shaped backpacks are particularly narrow and shorter shoulder straps.
To be able to snuggle up of female hips perfectly with its distinctive oblique angle, the closed hip belt has a conical shape.