Ortovox  Merino Cool SHORT SLEEVE blue ocean

Ortovox Merino Cool SHORT SLEEVE blue ocean

We'll keep your body running at the right temperature - no matter how fast you're going.

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A fiber blend of natural Tencel® and the finest merino wool make for sustained cooling during alpine sports! Here we make use of the nanofibrous structure of the cellulose fiber - thanks to its high basic moisture, strong evaporative cooling effect and smooth surface, the fiber cools without the addition of any chemicals! Furthermore, TENCEL® products are not only especially functional, they're also equally long-lasting. Even after many washes, the fiber shows no signs of pilling or fading!



Manufacturer: Ortovox

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50 % Virgin wool (Merino) + 50 % Lyocell (Tencel®)

Weight:185 g/m²