Meindl Borneo Lady 2 MFS brown

Meindl Borneo Lady 2 MFS brown

The classic under the Meindl mountain boots

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  • Order Number PL-40-TRE-6303
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Meindl has equipped the Borneo MFS II with the latest AIR-ACTIVE® technology, further optimizing ventilation and respiratory activity. In addition, the cords have been improved and the footbed is now glowing with an Air-Active® SOFT PRINT Drysole.
Leaf and heel are seamlessly worked: the less seams, the less water penetration when the leather is well waxed.

Perfect fit to the foot through the memory foam system
The specially developed foam combination in the shaft area is deformed by the body temperature and takes exactly the shape of the foot. There is no pinching and pressure in these shoes, this is wear comfort at the highest level!


Manufacturer: Meindl

  • Technical Details

Outer material made of strong nubuck leather of selected quality with wax grip
     MFS cushioning foam in the ankle area for improved fit and comfort; Is activated by body heat and adapts individually to the ankle shape
     Seamlessly worked sheet and heel for added protection against moisture
     Tongue and shaft comfortably padded
     Tongue with fixation for hooking into the shoelaces and water pockets
     Ventilation system
     Weather protection edge
     Digafix deep hook
     Damping midsole (rubber)
     The Vibram® MEINDL Multigriff® sole provides a firm grip and stability
     Designed for long tours and easy treks